Red Top, Conn., June 13, 1916.--J. C. White, 2d, '17 still retained the place of H. S. Middendorf '16 in the first University crew today, since the latter was not able to return to practice. White, who has been on Crew A for two days, is beginning to fit into the boat better, but the unity of the shell is certainly not the same with Middendorf out. The check of Crew A which was troubling the coaches greatly the last few days is rapidly being eliminated, and with the return of Middendorf, this crew ought to be in remarkable form.

Practice this morning consisted of a short paddle for the first eight and a trip to the Navy Yard and back for the second and 1919 shells. This afternoon the second and Freshman crews repeated their morning dose of practice, while Crew A went on an eight-mile paddle to the New London railroad bridge and back. The cruise down-stream was made in two stretches with the stroke usually low but often being raised to between 32 and 34. One solid row, however, constituted the return and no attempt was made at time, but this was merely considered a conditioning row.

Changes in Yale Crews.

Several changes marked the day's practice for the Yale squad. In the first crew Fitzpatrick is a new face, taking the place of Kolzitsky at 6, who will now row on the second eight. Atkins is also lost to the first crew for the remainder of the season, since strained chest muscles are giving him some trouble. Munson will replace him. In the Freshman crew Page is out temporarily with illness, and his position is being filled by Enders. All the Yale crews went on long paddles both in morning and afternoon, and no attempts were made at fast time. The Freshman boat looks decidedly fast, and the appearance of this crew is causing the University Freshmen to redouble their efforts.

Examinations end today in the University camp, for which all oarsmen are breathing sighs of relief.