Men who feel that for some legitimate reason they cannot carry either of the full courses of Military Science may take simply the three hours of drill a week, the Regimental Adjutant announced today, provided that they secure the permission of the Military Office before doing so. This drill alone will not, of course, count towards a degree. Those who wish to take advantage of this new ruling should register at once at Military Headquarters in the basement of University Hall.

Men who have filled out the petitions given them by the recruiting committees should also register at once at Headquarters if they have not already done so.

Buttons will be distributed today to all men who have up to this time enrolled. in the Corps. These emblems, consisting merely of a white disk an inch in diameter stamped with a red "H", may be had at Military Headquarters or the CRIMSON Building between 8.30 and 5 o'clock today. It is expected that all of the men in the Corps will make a point of wearing this distinctive insignia during the next week.

Uniforms will be given out to all Course 2 men whose names begin with letters from A through G tomorrow afternoon. The supply room will be open for this purpose from 2 till 5 o'clock between which times the designated men should report. Men are requested not to draw articles of clothing which they already have in their possession, and are reminded that all property issued remains the property of the University, to which the student is responsible for loss or damage.

At the lectures this afternoon and tomorrow cards will be distributed on which preferences of drill hours are to be recorded. It is important that all men should attend these first meetings of the two courses in order that the organization of the battalions may progress. The lecture by Colonel Azan this afternoon, for the elementary course will begin promptly at 5 o'clock.

Twenty-four of the 40 men needed have enrolled in the Regimental band, the greater part of the number being new men. In order to give the organization the necessary balance five trombone players are needed. Every member of the band will be supplied with instruments, music, and free instruction