Initial steps were taken last night in the organization of this year's Student Council. A nominating committee of four was appointed to act pro tempore until the election of the permanent Council, the temporary body consisting of the following men: Franklin Eddy Parker, Jr., '18, of Bay City, Mich., Chairman; Powell Mason Cabot '18, of Brookline; George Carey Barclay '19, of New York, N. Y.; George Abbott Brownell '19, of New York, N. Y.

This committee will exist solely for the purpose of carrying out the class elections and will form the nucleus of and act in the place of this year's Council until the new Council has been elected in accordance with the constitution.

Chose Nominators Last Spring.

On May 2, last spring, the Student Council chose a nominating body to act in a like capacity. At the time it was stated that "In the event of some members of the committee not returning to college next fall because of participation in military service, those remaining will carry on the work of the committee."

As every memer of this appointed group is now engaged in government work, D. M. Little, Jr., '18, who was named president of the committee deemed it advisable and necessary to choose a new committee in order that the activities of the Student Council may be organized and the class elections held. Plans for the customary work of the Council will be immediately made, and subsequently carried into execution.