The University Reserve Officers' Training Corps will form for the march to Fresh Pond, where it will be inspected by Secretary of War Baker, at 8.45 o'clock. At their drills this morning, the first and second battalions will be told where to assemble. The third will meet on the river-bank in front of Gore Hall.

Mr. Baker will leave Cambridge a little after 9.30 o'clock, arriving at Fresh Pond in time to inspect the regiment as soon as it is drawn up in line of masses. He will then witness the maneuvres on the open ground and in the trenches. The most important part of this exercise will be the debouchement from the first-line trenches. Lieutenant Morize, who has drilled Military Science 2 in the new formations, will direct all the work. A whole company of the new American size of 250 men and with the new formations of the platoons will be formed to execute this movement. When this is completed, the R. O. T. C. officers will conduct Mr. Baker on a thorough tour of the trenches from the first line to the redoubt. During his inspection, the regiment will form. At the end of his tour, Mr. Baker will take a position somewhere on the road to Cambridge and the whole Corps will march past, officers and the regimental color saluting.

Band of 30 Pieces to Play.

The 1917-1918 regimental band will appear for the first time today when the parade starts from Fresh Pond. It will take its place at the head as soon as Mr. Baker has finished his inspection of the trenches. There will be approximately 30 pieces under the direction of Chief Musician Carmichael, who has been the leader since the origin of the Corps. All the members of the band will be equipped with new regulation silver-plated instruments.

There will be drill as usual for the first and second battalions this morning at 7.30 o'clock. Notice to this effect was posted in all the dining rooms and dormitories last evening.

It is likely that the companies will be dismissed early in order to allow the cadets time for breakfast. The drill will be held at the usual parade grounds.

Only half the uniforms ordered arrived yesterday, so it was impossible to supply a large number of men. The men supplied, however, were given their entire equipment. The issuing of uniforms will be continued today and tomorrow, and the supply room will be open today from 2 until 4 o'clock. All men who have not yet been supplied are to report at this time.