Will be Represented This Fall by 1921 Eleven Only

Princeton University will be represented in football only by a freshman eleven, according to a statement on Monday by Dean Howard McClenahan. Lack of material was given as the reason. All but one of the 1916 regulars have entered some branch of the service. The dean stated that if the students wanted other branches of athletics they could have them, but as football practically supports the other sports it would be a difficult proposition to finance them this year.

A great many of the undergraduates and alumni have accepted as final the announcement that Princeton will not play any football. Others have expressed a belief that it is not too late to have a University squad out to prepare another season or even play one game with the University.

The board of athletic control meets on Friday and it will be decided then whether Princeton will participate in contests with other colleges. With the present understanding that there will be no University contests, a series of interclass games is being arranged.

The interest at Princeton seems to center now on the freshman squad. The eleven averages 165 pounds. The line averages 178 pounds, the backfield 157. The outlook on the whole appears to be the best in several years.