W. B. Munro Nominated for President, J. L. Taylor Treasurer, A. A. Ballantine Secretary

The stockholders of the Harvard Cooperative Society have nominated their officers for the coming year. Two stock-holders were chosen who are to serve for five years. They are, Dean Haskins, and Mr. C. C. Lane '04 director of the Harvard University Press, Editor of the annual catalogue, and lecturer on printing and publishing. W. B. Munro '99 professor of municipal government, was nominated president; John L. Taylor, assistant comptroller, was nominated Treasurer; and A. A. Ballantine '04 was nominated secretary.

Eleven new directors were named. H. S. Thompson '99 from the Alumni; Lincoln F. Schaub '06 from the faculty; H. L. Blackwell '99 and A. E. Beane '03 from the University at large; Henry. V. Fox from the Graduate Schools; E. J. Brehaut 18 from the Senior class; Cass Canfield '19 from the Juniors; and J. Gardner Coolidge '20 from the Sophomores.

The Institute of Technology is to be represented by three directors. They are Major E. T. Cole from the faculty; Walters Humphreys from the Institute at large; and R. W. Van Kirk, Jr., from the student body.

Last year the new Tech branch of the Harvard Cooperative Society was opened in place of the old Technology Cooperative Society. The branch has proved a great success and many Tech students have availed themselves of the opportunity to join.