A campaign starts today to raise a large sum of money from the city of Cambridge for the relief of the Halifax sufferers, and every opportunity will be given to members of the University for voluntary contributions. No canvass of the dormitories will be made, however, and no attempt to reach a certain maximum sum is contemplated.

Under the direction of A. Beane '11, posters advertising the campaign have been placed on all the University bulletin boards. At each door of the four College dining rooms, the Union, Foxcroft, Smith and Gore Halls, tables are placed under the direction of four undergraduates, who will receive this portion of the University's contribution. Only a small minority of the students, however, can be reached by this method, and the Cambridge Committee on the Halifax Relief is anxious that men who can give shall go in person to one of the undergraduates in charge of the collection. The following are the names and addresses of the four men: E. J. Brehaut '17, Stoughton 8; J. H. Peters '19, Westmorly 26; J. C. Ryan '21, Gore A21; and E. C. Storrow '21, Standish E22.

Cambridge Campaign Started.

The Cambridge campaign was planned last Monday morning, when Mayor Rockwood called a meeting of the city's representative citizens and outlined his idea. Mrs. W. H. Dunbar of 64 Highland street was appointed chairman of the committee, and she has been in charge since that time. Prominent men and women have been appointed to conduct a canvass of each of the eight wards, and General Bancroft is acting as chairman of the canvassing committees.

Mayor-elect Quinn is directing a system of speeches in the leading theatres of Boston and Cambridge. Between acts, members of the Halifax Committee will address the audience in behalf of the relief.