That the annual Junior Dance will be held this winter, but will not be as formal as those of previous years, was decided yesterday by a temporary Junior committee. Later a class committee will be appointed to set a definite date for the occasion and to make all arrangements.

Both E. D. Brandegee '81, Regent of the University, and Dean McClenahan of Princeton are in favor of such informal dances as 1919 plans to give. The opinions of both these men were considered by the Junior committee before a decision was made.

Mr. Brandegee has advocated a dance that coincided with "the spirit of the times," and doing away with all undue extravagance. He suggested, furthermore, that it assume the air of a military ball, with the students in uniform and Allied flags as decorations.

Such a dance has been held at Princeton already, and was successful. In speaking of the Princeton dance Dean McClenahan said: "It was attended by a large number of undergraduates and former students in uniform. . . .

The decorations were plain; one orchestra was used instead of two; and the supper was simpler than on former occasions. The net proceeds were given to three charitable and educational institutions connected with the university."