Navy Yard and Newport Naval Reserves Play Saturday.

The service football championship of the East will be determined in the Stadium Saturday afternoon by the game between the Charlestown Navy Yard and the Newport Naval Reserves. This contest is attracting much interest, for both teams have yet to be defeated by a military or naval eleven. The Newport eleven, however, played a scoreless tie with Camp Devens on Thanks-giving Day.

Both elevens contain remarkable arrays of individual talent. C. R. Black and Dr. Bull of Yale are captain and coach of the Rhode Island sailors, and have such players as Barrett of Cornell, Gerrish of Dartmouth and Schlachter of Syracuse.

Former University players figure prominently in both backfield and line of the Navy Yard team. T. H. Enwright '18 is the strongest runner, although on a dry field he is equalled by E. L. Casey '19. W. J. Murray '18 at quarterback is a capable field general.

The proceeds from the game will be given to the Navy Relief Society for Widows and Orphans.