Nominations Due on Tuesday For Phillips Brooks House

Additional nominations for officers of the Phillips Brooks House Association for the year 1917-18 should be handed in at Phillips Brooks House before 5 o'clock next Tuesday. Such nominations may be made by a petition of 20 members. The election this year will be held in Phillips Brooks House on Tuesday, February 20, from 8 to 5 o'clock.

The following eleven men have already been nominated for offices:

President: Charles Parker Reynolds '18, of Readville; Paul Squibb '18, of Bernardsville, N. J.

Vice-President: Lloyd Kirkham Garrison '19, of New York, N. Y.; Duncan Hicks Read '19, of Purchase, N. Y.

Secretary: Ellerton James Brehaut '18, of Manchester, N. H.; Alexander Ector Orr Munsell '18, of Chestnut Hill.

Treasurer: Cass Canfield '19, of Roslyn, L. I., N. Y.; Russell Cobb '19, of New York, N. Y.; Augustus Thorndike, Jr., '19, of Boston.

Librarian: Ralph Shephard Damon '18, of Waterloo, N. Y.; Royal Little '19, of Brookline.