The Annual Crimson Skate-Over Begins at Soldiers Field Today at 3.30.

Today at half after three o'clock the CRIMSON Hockey Team, armed with sticks, pucks and a keg of beer, will sally forth to Soldiers Field to meet an aggregation of seven or more representatives of the Lampoon on the ice. Although it is not fitting here to forecast the result of such a one-sided struggle, it may be mentioned that the latest odds quoted last night at Phillips Brooks House were greatly in favor of the Team, and consequently against the Aggregation. Three members of the CRIMSON line have had previous golfing experience and the defence has been thoroughly drilled in the elements of modern warfare by Captain Cordier and his staff.

Those rules generally adapted to hockey will be in force throughout the game, with the exception of the clause relating to gentlemanly conduct, etc. The CRIMSON takes this opportunity of stating that double-runner skates, as used by the Lampoon in previous years, will be allowed if notice is given before the game.

Sections 30 and 31 have been reserved for the spectators desiring to cheer the Team. Students with season tickets should enter at the open end of the Stadium; all those fortunate enough to have seats will use the other end. The box office closed at an early hour last night, but some tickets may still be procured from speculators at moderate prices.

In the event of snow a picked detachment from the Watch and Ward Society will be on hand to clean up the ice.