Eighty-seven degrees have just been voted by the Corporation and confirmed by the Board of Overseers. The list includes Seniors graduating at mid-years, and the remainder are those who have been awarded degrees "as of the Class of --", or degrees of higher academic distinction than the A.B. or S.B. Last year 101 degrees were conferred, 15 of which went to Seniors graduating at mid-years. Twenty-five degrees were awarded to students "out of course," one of which is officially recorded as of the Class of 1906. This degree is awarded cum laude.

The A.M. degree was conferred upon 16; the Ph.D. upon five; the D.M.D. upon eight, and the M.D. upon ten. Among the remaining nine degrees there were the A.A., the M. Arch., the LL.B., and the S.T.M.

The complete list of the awards fol- lows:

A.B.--Shreve Ballard, George Colket Caner (cum laude), Nelson Fell, Raymond Hugh Franzen (cum laude), William Tillinghast Gorton, Clarence Hurd Lane, George Eliot Leighton, Walter Staunton Mack, Jr., Robert Perry Rodgers, Willard Sears Simpkins, Philip Slepian, Edward Forbes Smiley, Jackson Edmund Towne (cum laude), Francis Minot Weld.

S.B.--Frederick Robinson, Jr., Thomas Holden White.


A.B.--(Out of course), as of the Class of 1916: Wallace Campbell, Chung Heng Chen, Thedore Lambert DeCamp, Edward Vincent Flanagan, David Dewey Greene, Robert Frederick Herrick, Jr., Richard Stuart Cutter King, Frank Earl Large, Albert Fear Leffingwell, Danforth Miller, Angelo Giovanni Perez, Livingstone Porter, William Cary Sanger, Jr., Parker Fletcher Schofield, George William Sullivan, Wendell Townsend, Carl Otto Jordan Wheeler. As of the Class of 1915: Donald Stuart Campbell, Carl Sumner Fleming, Victor Levine. As of the Class of 1913: Howard Corneal Shaw. As of the Class of 1911: William Denis Foley. As of the Class of 1906: Ralph Wilder Brown (cum laude).

S.B.--(Out of course), as of the Class of 1916: Schuyler Dillon. As of the Class of 1913: Godfrey Priester (cum laude in German).

A.M.--George True Avery, A.B., (Univ. of Colorado) 1915; Willoughby Maynard Babcock, Jr., A. B., (Univ. of Minnesota) 1914, A. M. (ibid.) 1915; Fred Krekel Bezzenberger, S.B., (St. Louis Univ.) 1914; Edwin Berry Burgum, A.B., (Dartmouth College) 1915; Douglas Hilary Corley, A.B., (Bates College) 1913, S.T.B., (Andover Theological Seminary) 1915, S.T.B., (Harvard Univ.) 1915; Kenneth Glendower Darling, A.B., (Pomona College), 1914; Richard Gregory Donahue, A.B., 1915; George Warren Gignilliat, Jr., A.B., (Davidson College) 1915; John Hermiston Libby, A.B., (Univ. of Colorado) 1914; Charles Edward McCorkle, Ph.B., (Ohio Univ.) 1909, A.M., (Clark Univ.) 1915; Joseph Wylie MacNaugher, A.B., 1915; Philip Ainsworth Means, A.B., 1915; Roy Cleveland Phillips, Ph.B., (Brown Univ.) 1915; Vernon Blair Rhodenzier, A.B., (Univ. of Manitoba) 1913; Robert Stanley Thomson, A.B., (Brown Univ.) 1912; Chan-Chan Tsoo, A.B., (Uni. of California) 1915.

Ph.D.--Sidney Fay Blake, A.B., 1913 (1912), A.M., 1913; Special field, Botany. Charles Drechsler, S.B., (Univ. of Wisconsin) 1913, S.M., (ibid.) 1914; special field, Botany. Lester R. Ford, A.B., (Univ. of Missouri) 1911, A.M., (ibid.) 1912, A.M., (Harvard Univ.) 1913; special field, Analysis. Alfred Clarence Redfield, S.B., 1914 (1913); special field, Zoology. Russell McCulloch Story, A.B., (Monmouth College) 1904, A.M., (Harvard Univ.) 1908; special field, Municipal Government.

A.A.--Paul Alexander Kober.

M.Arch.--Howard Holmes Barton, A.B., 1911; Millard Burr Gulick, A.B., 1913; Philetus Clarke Knowlton, Jr., S.B., in Arch. (Univ. of Illinois) 1914.

D.M.D.--Sidney Malcolm Akerstrom, A.B., (Dartmouth College) 1913; William Augustine Connolly, Frank August Feuerhan, Hymen Freed, Wheeler Wendell McIntire, William Haven Sherburne, Harold William Smith, Clifton Freeman Wheeler.

M.D.--Charles Wesley Bressler, A.B., (Univ. of Missouri) 1913; Samuel Cline, S.B., 1911; Edgar Charles Cook, A.B., (Lake Forest College) 1911; Dennis Rider Wood Crile, S.B., (Univ. of Wisconsin) 1914; Floyd Frost Hatch, A.B., (Univ. of Utah) 1912; John Sprague Hodgson, Ph.B., (Brown Univ.) 1912 (1911); Carl Bibb Hudson, A.B., 1912 (1911); Elmer Turell Learned, A.B., (Yale Univ.) 1912; William Rufus Redden, A.B., (Bates College) 1906; George Wilson Van Gorder, A.B., (Williams College) 1911.

LL.B. (Out of Course).--Danforth Geer, Jr., A.B., (Williams College) 1911, as of the class of 1915; John Raymond Higgins, A.B., (Clark College) 1912, as of the class of 1915; Myer Saidel, A.B., 1911, as of the class of 1915; Abraham Hougendobler Young, A.B., (Albright College) 1908, as of the class of 1915.

S.T.M.--Albert Edward Hetherington, A.B., (Manitoba Univ.) 1893, B.D., (Victoria College, Toronto) 1898