Floating Ice on River Made Rowing Hard For Seven Lower Crews.

No changes were made in the two University crews at Lynn yesterday, and the boats went through an uneventful five-mile row down the harbor and back at a steady, low stroke. The shifts which Coach Haines made in the seating on Tuesday made an apparent improvement in the work of the first shell. It is expected that R. T. Young '17, who has been out for the past week with an attack of measles, will be back in his place at number two in the second eight today, but M. H. Allen '17, rowing in the fourth shell, took his place on the sick list with a light attack of the same sickness.

The ice on the Charles is rapidly breaking up, and there was enough open water yesterday to allow the seven lower University boats and the first Freshman to hold short practice rows. For all but the third and fourth crews this was the first outdoor work, and the boats went rather awkwardly; a large amount of floating ice in the only open stretch available, furthermore, made the work of coxswains difficult. If the present clement weather continues the river should be clear by the first of the week.

The response to the call for coxswains for the University and Freshman boats was discouraging, as only five men reported. Since 18 shells will be kept throughout the season there are positions for at least 13 other candidates. Although men with experience will be at an advantage, such previous work is by no means essential. New candidates should report at the Newell Boat House this afternoon at 4 o'clock.