Men Also Wanted to Fly in First Naval District Aeronautical Reserve This Summer.

An aviation school, open to members of the University, will be held at Squantum this summer. The Navy Department has not enough sea-planes and instructors to provide aviation training for novices, and so this school, to be known as the Massachusetts School for Naval Air Service, is founded in order to give men enough training to admit them to the Naval Reserve Flying Corps. It is open to college students and graduates between the ages of 18 and 24.

Four sea-planes have been promised by the naval authorities, and preparations for the field and buildings at Squantum have been completed. Classes of 20 men will be prepared, following the naval requirements for training, which demand 24 flights of at least 20 minutes each. The men will live in tents under military discipline.

Owing to the small number of aviators now in the Government service, the graduates of this school will have an exceptional opportunity for advancement. It is expected that from 60 to 80 men will be graduated during the five months that the school will be open. After finishing the course at Squantum, they will take a course at Pensacola, Fla., before being enrolled as officers in the Naval Reserve Flying Corps.

Prospective members of the school may obtain information from J. R. Fearing or B. Frothingham '96, of the Massachusetts Committee on Public Safety, at the State House. Applicants will be required to pass a rigorous physical examination.

An aeronautical naval reserve is also being organized in the First Naval District, which includes most of New England. More men are needed and instruction in flying will be given in order to secure trained aviators. Professor Klemin, of M. I. T., will give a course of lectures on the theory of aviation beginning on Monday, April 9, and lasting eight weeks, after which an examination will be given, and the men who show the greatest proficiency will then receive training in actual flying. A knowledge of plane geometry, trigonometry, and algebra is essential.

Men interested should go to Room 940, Old South Building, any week day between 11 and 4 o'clock. No one will receive an ensign's commission until he has passed his final tests.