Twenty-six candidates for the annual spring production of the Dramatic Club have been retained for further trials. An unusually large number of men reported for the trials this year, and the material as a whole is good. Those who have not been retained for the acting parts have the opportunity of making the Club through the stage department, and can compete for the acting parts in the productions next year. All additional candidates for the stage department, which includes the property, scenery, electrical and costuming departments, are to report to R. A. May '18, Westmorly 46, this evening at 7.30 o'clock. This is the last call for candidates. Those who enter the competitions at this time will in no way be handicapped. No previous experience is necessary.

Samuel Frothingham, Jr., '20, of Lenox, has been appointed assistant property manager.

Plays of Serious Character.

"The Little Cards," one of the plays to be given, is a satire on the Binet test for immigrants. It shows how the worst members of society are able to get into the country while some desirable ones are excluded. The story is a character study in which the Black Hand enters to play a significant role. There are great spectacular possibilities. John Redhead Froome, the author of the play, also wrote "The Glory of the Years," which was produced last year by the Hasty Pudding Club.

One of the other plays is "The Reunion," by Eleanor Hinkley. This play has an unusual appeal to those interested in the aspirations of youth; yet it concerns old age. While in no sense a play of a social problem, it suggests some very practical improvements which might take place in our charitable institutions. Ideals are shattered, yet faith proves stronger than failure.