The uncertainty which now surrounds the future of the summer training camp has had an unfortunate and unwarranted effect on enrolments. Many men are waiting placidly for that final and improbable word from Washington which will definitely assure the glorious military future of whosoever attends the camp.

It should be unnecessary to point out how absurd in theory and fact is any plan of delay. We can know in no way what the future will bring forth, not for us individually, nor for our nation. We can certainly not help determine that future by waiting for events decreed by other men.

It a man has some definite plan of national service, he should go into that provided it measures up to his abilities and he measures up to its opportunities. If he has no plan for service, he is not justified in delaying at all his enrolment in the summer training camps.

There is no way whereby a man will be provided a commission before going into training. Our nation does not want men who do not profit by training. But a good man serving for three months will come out a better man at the end of his period of service. It is for us to increase our powers. The R. O. T. C. is the work we have to do.

There is no profit to a single man in waiting for some hoped-for opportunity which may never arise. If he waits, he had as well wait to the end of the war, when his nation will have attained victory or gone down to perdition without him. No man wants to be a procrastinator.

This is the day for enrolling in the R. O. T. C.