WAKEFIELD, MASS., June 4, 1917.--After a rather hot march the first battalion arrived on its camping ground at the Wakefield range at one o'clock today. This afternoon was spent by the men in getting settled in their new quarters, distributing their blanket rolls and making other preparations for their week of occupancy. Slings for the rifles were issued, as well as a limited number of army blankets to those men who were unable to secure their own. The tents which the four companies will occupy were ready when the battalion arrived, having been set up by the militia companies which used the range last week.

Firing at known ranges will start tomorrow, and will continue through Wednesday; the remainder of the week will be devoted to platoon, and company fire exercises.

Draft Registration Provisions Made.

Arrangements have been made where by the members of Companies A, B, C, and D, may make their draft registration at the range, in order to interfere as little as possible with the conduct of the target practice. Other companies will be excused from all military formations at the following times in order that the men may register:

Companies E and F--7.00 to 9 A. M.

Companies G and H--9.00-10.00 A. M.; 12 noon-1.00 P. M.

Companies I, K, L, M--7.00-9.00 A. M.; 5-7.45 P. M.

All the regular 8 o'clock sections will be excused.

Lecture Last Evening on "Reliefs"

Major Azan, assisted by Professor Merriman, delivered the regular lecture to the Corps last night on the subject of the conduct of reliefs, a subject of much more importance and of greater difficulty than may be generally supposed. A badly conducted relief will endanger the lives not only of the men taking over the trench, but also of those leaving its this would, moreover, happen at a calamitous time. The method of the advance of the relief party to the 'trenches to be relieved, the necessary inter-communication between the new and old occupants of the position, and the principles of the retirement were all discussed in detail.