Hours and Places at Which Professors and Instructors May Be Met Listed Below.

The hours at which students may consult with their Faculty advisers today are listed below. Chairmen or representatives of divisions or departments are denoted by an asterisk*, with the name of the department following. Where the place is bracketed () the instructor will be represented, at the time and place specified, by some other person. Addresses followed by an asterisk * are in Boston; all others are in Cambridge.

Professor C. A. Adams, A. M., 9-12.30, (Peabody Mus. 55); P. M., 2.30-4.30, (Peabody Mus. 55).

Professor Louis Allard, A. M., 9-12.30, (Sever 23).

Professor Oakes Ames, A. M., 9-12.30, (Bussey); P. M., 2.30-4.30, (Bussey).

Professor B. M. Anderson, A. M., 9-12.30, Lower Reading Room; P. M., 2.30-4.30, Upper Dane


Professor W. R. Arnold, A. M., 9-12.30, Andover F; P. M., 2.30-4.30, 17 Francis Ave.

Mr. R. F. Arragon, A. M., 9-12.30, Lower Reading Room; P. M., 2.30-4.30, Conant 44.

Professor W. W. Atwood, A. M., 9-12.30, Geol. Mus. 41; P. M., 2.30-4.30, Geol. Mus. 41.

Professor Irving Babbitt, A. M., 9-12.30, Sever A; P. M., 2.30-4.30, Widener 175.

Professor I. W. Bailey, A. M., 9-12.30, Bussey; P. M., 2.30-4.30, Bussey.

Dr. M. H. Bailey, Medical Adviser, 8.30-9.30, Thayer 21.

Professor G. P. Baker, A. M., 9-12.30, Widener 771; P. M., 2.30-4.30, 195 Brattle St.

Dr. P. F. Baum, A. M., 9-12.30, Sever 3; P. M., 2.30-4.30, Sever 3.

*Professor G. P. Baxter, Chemistry, 9-12.30, Coolidge Lab. 8; P. M., 2.30-4.30, Coolidge Lab. 8.

Professor H. C. Bierwirth, A. M., 9-12.30, Sever 17; P. M., 2.30-4.30, 12 Hubbard Park.