Offer Ten Emergency Courses to Meet War Conditions in Various Colleges.

Registration in two more departments of Boston University took place today, the School of Law and the School of Theology. At present the indications point to a normal entering class in the Law School, though a decrease is expected in the upper classes. Dean Birney of the Theological School expects the enrolment to be nearly forty per cent, less than last year, as many who would have attended the school in normal times have entered Government service or are engaged in Y. M. C. A. work.

President Murlin addressed the College of Liberal Arts Y. M. C. A. at its first meeting of the year. In the course of his remarks he paid a marked tribute to the men of the college now in the service.

Ten B. U. War Courses.


To meet war conditions Boston University, through its various colleges, is this year offering ten emergency courses, as follows:

1.--Navigation. (a) Professor Robert E. Bruce, College of Liberal Arts. The mathematics of navigation. (b) Professor H. B. Center and Captain R. B. Clark. These include practical seagoing experience. One or more trips down the harbor and along the coast for observing and practicing methods of navigation.


2.--S. B. in Education. A course for graduates of normal schools and teachers in active service, designed to give professional training and lead to a collegiate degree--S. B. in education. College of Liberal Arts.

3.--Special Hygiene for Trained Attendants. Director, Professor Arthur W. Wevsse. Designed to train college women to assist trained nurses, or to care for the sick in the absence of such nurses. College of Liberal Arts.

4.--New England School for the Training of Christian Leaders. Conducted under the joint auspices of Morgan Memorial, Boston, and Boston University. Designed to train for Christian leadership men and women who have no opportunities at the present time to take up the study of theology, either because of occupational obstacles, or lack of a previous college education. To be opened in January in the buildings of the Morgan Memorial.

5.--A Course for Commercial Teachers--to be given Saturday mornings at the College of Business Administration, beginning Saturday, September 29, in charge of Professor Ralph B. Wilson.

6.--A Special Emergency War Course for Dependent Wives and Kinswomen of Soldiers in Active Service. Preliminary meeting soon to be held to determine dates and courses. College of Business Administration.

7.--A Course in Traffic and Transportation. Fifteen lectures. Serves as an introduction to the study of foreign trade. Under direction of Mr. Edward F. McSweency, former chairman of the Directors of the Port of Boston. Wednesday evenings. College of Business Administration.

8.--A Special Course in Library Administration. Designed to furnish training for business librarians. In charge of Ralph L. Power, librarian of the College of Business Administration, assisted by a corps of lecturers. Thirty sessions, beginning October 4. Thursday evenings.

9.--A Course in salesmanship. Intended to teach subjects necessary to train a man in successful salesmanship. A one-year course to be given during the day, independent of the day session of the College of Business Administration. Half the day will be spent in class, and half in practical work in business, either in stores or in manufacturing establishments. Open to men and women eighteen years of age, or over.

10,--Military Courses. Students will be organized for drill into one or more units, and instructed by officers approved by the United States War Department. Open to men of all departments. Hours for drill to be determined after the organization of the units