At the Military Science 2 lecture yesterday afternoon, President Williston of the Wentworth Institute, Professor W. W. Atwood of the University, and Major Flynn outlined the three military courses to be given from the time of the mid-years to the April recess, engineering, topography and administration.

Professor Atwood said that the topographical course would aim to supplement last summer's R.O.T.C. work, and would be conducted by himself and Professors H. L. Smyth '83 and R. DeC. Ward. Professor Smyth will deliver five lectures on the fine technical points of map-drawing and will conduct one field exercise. The latter will consist of taking an ordinary map of Cambridge and filling in the points of special military importance.

Professor Ward has consented to give two talks on the value of weather-knowledge a matter which has affected several important battles during the last two years. Professor Atwood will deal with the question of reading maps in such a way that the military importance of the terrain and its sub-strata can be recognized. In all the work, the metric system will be used.

Introducing the course of training offered by the Wentworth Institute, President Williston said that its curriculum, although primarily one of peace-arts, was especially adaptable to trench-warfare. The instruction will be divided into six groups: the study of mass and reinforced concrete construction, timber instruction, laboratory instruction in testing the strength of materials, the rigging of lifting apparatus and the handling of heavy materials, electricity as applied to military tactics, and a study of hydraulics.

All men interested in the administration course to be offered by Captain Cole should go to Major Flynn's office for further details.