On account of absence for military service in France for the duration of the war, Robert Bacon '80 has resigned as a member of the University Corporation. John F. Moors has been elected to succeed him. Mr. Moors is a graduate of the Class of 1883. He received an A. M. degree in 1884 and an Honorary LL.D. by the University in 1915. He is well known in Boston on account of his devotion to public service for a long period of time and in many capacities. He is president of the Associated Charities, director of the Workingmen's Loan Association, senior partner in the firm of Moors & Cabot, a member of the Boston Finance Commission, a member of the Council of Radcliffe College and of the Boston Dispensary, and an ex-president of the Public School Association.

Bacon Now With Pershing.

Mr. Bacon, who succeeded Elihu Root as Secretary of State under President Roosevelt, and later served as ambassador to France, was elected a member of the Corporation in 1912. At the outbreak of the war he volunteered his services to the Government for the duration of the war and is now in France as a member of General Pershing's staff, holding the rank of major. The other members of the Corporation are President Lowell, Treasurer C. F. Adams '88, Dr. H. P. Walcott '58, Major H. L. Higginson '55, T. N. Perkins '91 and Bishop W. Lawrence '71.

At a recent meeting of the Corporation the following members of the Faculty were granted leaves of absence:

Instructor L. R. Ford '13, who is to enter military service; Assistant Professor J. L. Coolidge '95, who has been commissioned as major in the Ordnance Department, Washington; Professor Albert Sauveur, who is to continue in his technical research for the French Government; Associate Professor W. R. Spalding '87, who is to assist in the organization of bands at the Government cantonments; Professor R. A. Daly '95, who is to do Y. M. C. A. work; Dr. S. W. Ellsworth '93, of the Medical School, who has been commissioned as captain in the Medical Reserve Corps.