Reserve Officers' Training Corps

Jan. 18, 1918.

General Orders No. 4:

1. Paragraph 2, General Orders No. 3, c.s., is hereby amended to read: Company Commanders will read to their companies at each drill all general orders, but only so much of all special orders as apply to their commands.

2. First Lieutenant R. S. Lovering is hereby appointed Battalion Adjutant of the 3rd Battalion, vice Warren, promoted.

3. First Lieutenant R. S. Lovering is hereby detailed to assist Major Lane in supervising Military Science 2 in addition to his other duties.

4. Captain Long is hereby detailed as regimental Adjutant, vice Fuller, resigned.

By order of Major Flynn:   J. A. L. BLAKE,   Lt. Col., M. S. G., Acting Adjutant.

Special Courses in Military Science 2.

Members of Military Science 2 who have not yet expressed preference for one of the three special courses which begin after mid-year examinations are directed to report to Headquarters Monday morning and there fill out for the Aide for Assignments a tabular view card of their courses for the second half-year, stating on it which of these special courses they prefer, and when necessary, which section.   PERCY W. LONG,   Captain, R. O. T. C., Aide for Assignments.