Word has been received by Major Flynn from Adjutant General McCain at Washington stating that the names of any men in the "second-year advanced course" who are drafted into military service may be sent by the commanding officer of the R. O. T. C. to the General's Office and those men who are qualified will be sent to one of the training schools for officers conducted by the Government. In this way, students who are in Military Science 2 can remain in College throughout their course without fear of being drafted into the army as privates. This order has been promulgated by command of the Secretary of War and it is expected that other schools and colleges whose R. O. T. C. organizations are recognized and approved by Washington will be included in it.

The Military Science 2 course which is given in the University cannot be accurately called the second-year advanced course. For in the orders published last year providing for the establishment in colleges of officers' training corps, the full training was implied to extend over a period of four years, the courses during the first two years being called the basic courses, and those in the last two years the advanced courses. But Major Flynn stated to a CRIMSON representative yesterday afternoon that Military Science 1, as given here, is generally recognized as being the equivalent of the two basic courses, and Military Science 2 as the equivalent of the two advanced courses.

The orders received from General McCain are given below:

"1. It has been decided that members of the Reserve Officers' Training Corps, second-year advanced course, who are called into the military service under the provisions of the Selective Service Law, will be admitted, if found qualified, to the appropriate service school for training candidates for commission.

"2. When such members are called into service, the professor of military science and tactics on duty at the school or college will inform the Adjutant General of the Army of the fact and of their qualifications in order that their admittance as candidates in training schools for officers may be given proper consideration."