Lt. Vedder Formerly Half-Miler

Lieutenant M. W. Vedder, commandant of the Marine Section of the S. A. T. C. was graduated from the University of California with the class of '15. After completing an additional year in the Law School of the University of California, he was given an honorary appointment as a first lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps from the University of California, where military training is compulsory.

After 10 months convoy service on the U. S. S. South Dakota, Lieutenant Vedder was put in charge of the Officers' School for Service Afloat at the Marine Barracks, Norfolk, Virginia. Three months later he was detailed to the main post of the Marine Corps as an instructor at Mare Island, California.

Lieutenant Vedder was born in San Francisco, California, 27 years ago. While at the University of California he was the varsity half-miller and in the Stanford-California track meet in 1915, he ran the half-mile in 1m., 55 2-5s.

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