Former Editor of Crimson Won Promotion In Infantry.

J. S. Love '17, was promoted from captaincy to the rank of major on October 12. Major Love was an editor of the CRIMSON for two years, and after graduation he went to the officers' training camp at Plattsburg, and was commissioned first lieutenant in the infantry. He went over-seas from Camp Dix with the 78th Division, and last August, on his 22nd birthday, received his promotion to the rank of captain, having been in the service less than seven months.

Major Love attained his present rank just before the drive on Sedan, in which his division played an important part. He is probably one of the youngest majors in the service. When at Camp Dix, he was attached to the 309th infantry of the 78th division, and was detailed to special service in the head-quarters company.

General Pershing's recommendation for his promotion to captaincy for "eminently satisfactory service" was dated on his twenty-second birthday.