French Writer Finds on Board Men of Social Standing.

The University Overseers are men of conspicuous social standing, but the proportion of intellectuals among them in slight. This statement is made by Professor Maurice Caullery of the Sorbonner in a book dealing with the universities and scientific life of the United States.

Professor Caullery was French exchange professor at the University two years ago. In the Corporation he finds only President Lowell representing the technical side of education.

He says in his book: "The Harvard Overseers, in fact, are, above all, men of conspicuous social standing; the proportion of intellectuals among them is slight, and many regret it. This merely expresses the fact that the dominant concerns of the graduate body are not of the intellectual order. They deeply love thier University, interest themselves in its prosperity, provide for its material support with the utmost generosity; but in the memories of youth which attach them to it the intellectual interest plays only a part that is effaced."