University Team Objects to Wording; Dormitory Contest Friday.

The University team has protested the wording of the subject for the annual triangular debate on the ground that the present form automatically gives the debate to the affirmative side. What action will be taken by Yale and Princeton is not yet known. At present the wording stands: "Resolved: That the Government in financing the war should obtain a larger percentage of its funds from taxes than from bonds." If the University's protest is accepted, as it probably will be, Princeton will have to modify the wording in some way, or, if no agreement can be reached, a new question will have to be formulated by Yale.

As there remain but ten days before the debate, this new disagreement will leave little opportunity for adequate preparation. The University team is holding regular meetings, but it is impossible to make appreciable progress with no definite subject to work on.

The second debate of the three-cornered interdormitory series will take place in the Standish Hall Common Room Friday night at 7.30 o'clock, and not this afternoon, as previously announced. Standish will at that time take the affirmative against Gore on the question: "Resolved: That the United States Government should permanently retain the ownership and control of all railroads."