At its last meeting the University Board of Overseers voted to issue to undergraduates who leave College for active military or naval service before receiving their degrees certificates testifying to their attendance at the University and their work done as candidates for those degrees. It was also voted to grant similar certificates as to their eligibility for a degree to men who have passed their entrance examinations but have never registered at the University because of having enlisted in military or naval service. The exact provision follows:

"Voted: that a certificate, signed by the President, be given to each student who, with the approval of the University authorities, has left the University before completing the requirements for his degree to enter active service in the Army or Navy of the United States or of the Entente Allies.

"Voted, that a similar certificate by issued to persons who have been admitted to Harvard College, but who, because of military or naval service, have not registered at the University."

Record Men in Service in Catalogue.

It was also voted by the Overseers that the names of students to whom certificates are granted appear in separate lists appended to the regular lists of each class and department of the University, in the annual catalogue. The names also of those men who have been admitted to the University but do not register because of entering active war service will be included, though under a separate head, with the roster of the registered Freshmen.

A like provision was made in regard to candidates for degrees this year. It calls for a separate list on the Commencement program in June of those students who were candidates for degrees at that time, but who, before completing the requirements, left the University for active service.