Forms for application to the Fourth Series of Officers' Training Camps are now ready for members of the University who intend to enter the camps. All applicants must call at the Headquarters Office of the R. O. T. C. today and receive their blanks, which are to be filled out and returned by Wednesday, May 1. Certificates of examination by reputable physicians must accompany applications.

Although no definite quota has been set for the University, as far as members of the College are concerned, it is not certain that every man who applies for admittance to the training camps, and who fulfills the qualifications set down by the War Department, will be sent to the schools. The names of all applicants will be passed upon by the Tactical Staff and other academic authorities, and only if the man in question has done work up to the desired standard during his course will he be recommended.

It has been ruled by the War Department that not more than 50 per cent. of the total number of candidates designated to attend each training school will be alowed to qualify to be listed as eligible for a commission. Men who go to the camps from the corps as members of Group A and are enlisted for the duration of the camp only, will, if found qualified, be commissioned at the end of the camp and called into active service when needed.

Upon successful graduation from the camps the men recommended for commissions will be officially termed "officer-candidates" and will retain that title until commissioned.

With regard to the June camp, the Military Office has announced that all members of Military Science 1 who wish to attend the camp, and who believe that they have had sufficient training before entering the R. O. T. C. to make them eligible, should hand in special applications at Headquarters immediately, telling their qualifications before entering the corps. Major Flynn will be glad to see these men in person and discuss the matter with them as soon as possible.