Coach Prosser Has Announced Speakers For Triangular Contest.

The final selection of the teams for the Freshman triangular debate with Yale and Princeton, scheduled for Friday evening, was announced yesterday by W. L. Prosser '18, who is coaching the Freshman team. The teams will be composed as follows, the men speaking in the order in which their names appear:

Affirmative (at. Princeton): C. H. Whelden, Jr., W. S. Holbrook, Jr., and H. Starr; R. B. Hamblett, alternate, Negative (in New Lecture Hall): L. M. Block, H. Albert, and M. J. Donner; M. A. Kallis, J. D. Segal and B. Sperling, alternates.

All speeches will be 12 minutes long and rebuttals five minutes. The subject as finally agreed upon is "Resolved: That the Government should conscript labor for war industries." All three contesting teams have agreed to leave out of consideration the constitutionality the question.