Further detailed particulars concerning the summer military camp, which will be conducted by the University, were given out yesterday afternoon from the Headquarters Office. The training will commence on July and extend through a period of six weeks. Although the exact location has not yet been decided, the camp site to be occupied by the corps during the latter part of the course will be some point within five or six miles of Camp Devens. A maximum number of 1,000 cadets will be accepted for the training camp, in order that the companies of the regiment may be of the size most advantageous for allowing thorough instruction to every man, and that the difficulty of obtaining proper equippage for a larger number of men may be avoided.

It is possible that the encampment of the corps, for its final three-weeks' training, will be somewhere in the hills north of Sherley Village. At all events it will be within easy marching distance of the cantonment at Devens. Due to the interest taken by the officers of the Army in the University corps the authorities have been granted permission to make daily use of the trenches, grenade fields and all other facilities of the cantonment. The Chief of Staff and commandant of the O. T. C. at Camp Devens have assisted in furthering the plans for the corps' summer work by assuring the Military Office that they will supply officers of the French and British Military Missions, as well as American officers, to lecture before the corps and give demonstrations. It is possible that the regiment may march from its barracks in the Freshman dormitories to the camp site, where it is expected that the men will be quartered in wall tents.

Morize Will Have Charge of Corps.

Lieutenant Morize will remain with the corps and will have general charge of the camp and the training.

Funds for the support of the regiment throughout its instruction period will be supplied by the graduates and by others interested in the work of the University R. O. T. C.


The Headquarters Office is now negotiating with the United States Military Academy at West Point for the services of five cadets as instructors during the time in which the men are in the Smith Halls barracks.

The men who are accepted for the summer training will be divided under four general heads for the purpose of classification; namely, (1) Those who have completed Military Science 2; (2) Those who have completed Military Science 1; (3) Other experienced men; (4) Inexperienced men. These classes will