HARVARD  CAMP DEVENS Evans, c.f.  3b., Murray Wolverton, 2b.  c.f., O'Connell Gross, ss.  ss., Cooney Ward, l.f.  2b., Janvrin Coolidge, r.f.  r.f., Powers McCouch, 1b.  1b., Whalen Hallowell, 3b.  l.f., Mulcahy Gammack, c.  c., Wilder Peirson, p.  p., Smith

The University nine will meet the strong Camp Devens team this afternoon at 3.30 o'clock in the first game of the season to be played away from Soldiers Field. The contest, which will be played at Ayer, promises to be close. The cantonment nine will have the advantage of two former Red Sox players, Cooney at shortstop and Captain Janvrin at second. As the regular University pitcher, D. J. O'Keeffe '18, will be saved for Saturday's game with Yale, Coach Duffy will probably choose A. L. Peirson '20 for duty in the box today. The latter pitched excellent ball against the Portland Naval Reserve a week ago, holding his opponents to four hits, and had it not been for poor support, might have scored a shut-out. With this change, the lineup today will be the same which met the Navy Yard last week.

Although the soldiers have lost their only game played this spring, it was to the same team that defeated the University--the Charlestown Navy Yard.

Freshmen Play on Soldiers Field.

The Radio School ball team will play the Freshman nine on Soldiers Field this afternoon at 3 o'clock in what will be the latter's fourth game. Judging from the Radio men's record of two victories in as many games, the Freshmen will be forced to play their best to win.

E. S. Hardell '21 in the box and C. F. Havemeyer '21 at second base will be the only new men in the 1921 lineup. The latter is to replace W. B. Frothingham '21, who has joined the Italian Ambulance Service.