Opportunities in the Coast Artillery.

(We invite all men in the University to submit communications on subjects of timely interest, but assume no responsibility for sentiments expressed under this head.)

Due to the fact that it has been impossible during the last few months to secure a sufficient number of suitable candidates for the Coast Artillery Officers' training camp from the enlisted personnel of the Army, an effort is being made to interest university and technical institution undergraduates and graduates in the opportunities that they are offered by the Coast Artillery Corps.

The Coast Artillery Corps is supplying all the Army artillery for the mobile army in France, which is the large reserve artillery of medium and large calibre attached to Army organization. In addition to this artillery, it furnishes all anti-aircraft batteries and trench mortars.

To handle heavy artillery and conduct its fire officers with previous scientific training are most desirable, but such training is not an absolute necessity.

In order that candidates may be chosen from men who have had, or are completing, a college education a special provision has been made to circumvent the regulation which prevented the acceptance of a candidate unless he is already in the military service. Students now-registered under the draft law will be given the necessary papers from the Coast Artillery School at Fort Monroe, Va., then inducted by the local board and sent to the artillery school and there assigned to a special company, where they will be given preliminary training till July 6. Students not registered should come to Fort Monroe at their own expense and enlist. They will then be assigned to the special company later, to be transferred to the training camp at its opening.

It is desirable to enlist or be inducted into the service in this manner as soon as possible for applications for the training camp are being filled rapidly. The one especial point that will no doubt appeal to many Harvard undergraduates is that it is not necessary for the candidate to be 21 years of age in order to be commissioned. It must be emphasized, however, that any candidate under that age will have to demonstrate unusual ability and maturity in order to pass the course successfully.

Wednesday there will be a meeting in the Union at which a Coast Artillery officer will attempt to furnish all details to those undergraduates who are interested in this important branch of our Army.