Enrolments for the University R. O. T. C. Camp yesterday reached a total of 638, less than two-thirds of the number which preparations are being made to accommodate. Of the men who have applied slightly over 200 are members of the University, the remainder coming from outside colleges, preparatory schools and graduates of various institutions. Inasmuch as it is important that as many members of the present Corps as possible attend the Camp, the military authorities emphatically repeated yesterday that no University R. O. T. C. man enrolling after June 7 would be regarded as eligible for a position as an officer or non-commissioned officer when the primary organization of the companies is made. It is expected that in this manner the undergraduate attendance at the camp can be ascertained by the end of the week.

Equipment Due By June 7.

All equipment issued to the R. O. T. C. during the year must be turned in at the Armory and the Supply Room in the basement of Persist Smith Hall by 5 o'clock Friday, June 7. No property not scrupulously clean can be accepted after having received the proper receipts, men will then apply at the Military Office for discharges or leaves of absence. Members of the Corps leaving College will be given discharges; those planning to attend the July Camp will be granted leave until July 1, and those not returning to College until the fall will be granted leave until September 23.

Arrangements for the establishment of the camp in Lancaster are already in progress. A detail is to be sent to the site within the next few days to compile detailed maps of the surrounding country for use in maneuvers, and advance preparations on the camp site itself will start in the near future. The actual work of construction is to be in the hands of the headquarters company.