University Students Who Sailed For Italy Last Spring Due to Return Soon.

Out of the thirty-five University undergraduates that were accepted by the American Red Cross for ambulance driving during the past summer at the Italian front, twenty-one are now definitely known to have been decorated by the Italian governenmt. These men sailed for Europe soon after the close of the special examinations held last spring. They were enrolled to serve a maximum period of six months and should accordingly all be back in the early part of December. Word has recently been received from the Red Cross headquarters in Italy, however, that thirty men are returning via Paris. The cablegram does not state whether any of them are members of the University.

The following list of those University men who were awarded the Croce, al Merito di Guerpe includes one graduate. They were all decorated for highly creditable services during the Italian offensive of June 15 to 26: E. E. Allen, Jr., '21, F. L. A. Cady '21, K. Campbell '21, G. N. Carpenter '21, C. M. Clark '01, G. H. Dorr, 2d, '21, S. R. Droppers '20, J. H. Eaton, '21, C. W. Eliot, 2d, '20, W. B. Frothingham '21, H. F. Gibbs, Jr., '20, F. B. Lothrop '21, C. E. Masters '21, G. C. Noyes '20, G. M. Palmer, Jr., '21, B. Prescott '21, S. C. Richmond '21, W. Slade '21, H. M. Spellman, Jr., '21, G. L. Steward '21, R. A. Thorndike '21, S. Wadsworth '21.

The ambulance drivers on reaching Italy were assigned to three sections. Section 1 had its headquarters at Bassoon a town in the mountain district of the middle western Italian front. In this section, Eliot and Droppers were the only men to receive the War Cross. It is the only section of the three which is equipped with other than Ford cars and has several Flats in service.

Section 2 and 3 both have their bases on the plains close to the Piave River. The drivers of the third section had the severest work during the drive and twelve men were decorated from it. Tht Italian government has expresesd, deep appreciation of the services rendered by the ambulance drivers and has shown them every consideration. They were all made honorary 2nd lieutenants in the Italian army soon after their arrival.