At the close of the S. A. T. C. Camp held at Plattsburg from July 18 to September 16, 59 University men were commissioned as second lieutenants. The majority received commissions in infantry, but a certain percentage secured appointments as field artillery officers. These latter will attend a two months' artillery school at Camp Taylor, Louisville, Kentucky, and will from there be assigned to regular units. Of the officers commissioned in infantry the greater number have been stationed as instructors in the various colleges east of the Mississippi, while the remainder have been ordered to Camp Grant, Rockford, Illinois.

The Plattsburg S. A. T. C. Camp was at first conducted with no idea of training directly for commissions, but was instituted for the purpose of furnishing non-commissioned instructors for college S. A. T. C.'s. Of the 3,000 odd who attended the camp, however, 1,500 were commissioned. Those not commissioned will return to their respective college S. A. T. C.'s.

Only a very small proportion of the University men who entered the camp failed to win commissions. A list of the University men commissioned follows: T. S. Abbot '20, F. Albright '21, F. Beidler '21, W. P. Bell '20, P. W. Bolster '20, B. W. Boyden '20, J. S. Church '21, J. M. B. Churchill '21, G. V. Cutler '21, W. Davis '21, F. A. Delapenha '21, T. C. Denton '21, W. N. Elton '20, H. H. Faxon '21, R. L. Finley '21, F. C. Fishback '19, C. P. Fuller '19, W. E. Fuller '19, R. Gerould '20, R. W. Hersey '20, G. H. Hood, Jr., '20, R. S. Humphrey '21, V. B. Kellett '18, C. La Farge '20, R. E. Larsen '21 R. McA. Lloyd '19, P. W. Long '98, C. MacVeagh '19, A. L. Mills '21, T. H. Mills '21, J. M. Mitchell '21, D. H. Morris '21, T. W. Orr '21, A. N. Osgood '21, R. Peale '21, R. Pierce '19, E. Pruyn '18, R. B. Quintana '20, A. W. Rhodes '21, L. Richardson '19, A. A. Robey '20, R. M. Sedgwick '21, H. T. Sears '19, C. P. Smith '21, R. S. Strout '21, J. O. Stubbs '21, R. S. Strout '21, J. O. Stubbs '21, F. J. Sweeney '21, F. A. Thompon '21, H. P. Thurston '21, R. H. Wales '19, T. C. Wales '21, C. H. Warner '21, G. F. Wason '20, D. C. White '20, F. B. Whitman '19, F. F. Williams '20, R. B. Williamson '20, F. Workum '20, M. Zobel '19.