Many Appointments and Resignations Have Been Announced for This Year.

Many changes in the Faculty will mark the opening of the University under the regime of the S. A. T. C. The summer meetings of the President and Fellows of the College have resulted in the appointment of 66 new men to the teaching staff and the acceptance of five resignation. In addition to this, many of the University's professors are engaged in war work on leave of absence from the University.

Professor C. N. Goereenough '98 left the University at the end of the summer school to do administrative work on the Shipping Board in Washington under Dean Gay of the Graduate School of Business Administration. As a result, English A will be under the direction of Mr. F. W. C. Hersey '99, while Professor Greenough's other course will be given up this year. Professor G. P. Baker '89 will return for full work in his courses on the drama, and Professor John L. Lowes of Washington University, St. Louis, the new professor of English at the University, will give many of the courses formerly conducted by Professor W. L. Neilson, who resigned from the Faculty of Arts and Sciences last year to become president of Smith College. Among those remaining for war work in Washington is Professor K. G. T. Webster '93, director of the Summer School and assistant professor of English, who will serve in the Personnel Division of the Air Service. Professor E. P. Kohler of the Chemistry Department will be engaged in chemical work at Washington, and Professor G. H. Edgell '09 of the Fine Arts department is in Italy working for the Committee of Public Information.

The list of appointments made follows; For one year from September 24 1918: Thomas Nixon Carver, Ph.D., LL.D., David A. Wells professor of Political Economy, as Acting Editor of the Quarterly Journal of Economics. Mark Anthony De Wolfe Howe '87, A.M., Litt.D., Biographer of the Harvard Dead in the War against Germany.

Herbert Sidney Langfeld, Ph.D., Acting Director of the Psychological Laboratory.

Wallace Clement Sabine, A.M., Hollis Professor of Mathematics and Natural Philosophy, S.D., as Acting Director of the Jefferson Physical Laboratory.


Lincoln Frederick Schaub, A.M., LL.B., Acting Dean of the Graduate School of Business Administration.

The following resignations have been received and accepted:

Walter Ray Bloor, Assistant Professor of--Biological Chemistry; resignation took effect August 1, 1918.

Benjamin M. Anderson, Jr., Assistant Professor of Economics; resignation took effect September 1, 1918.