The annual Junior Dance will be held this year according to the announcement made last night by J. C. Bolton '20, president of the Junior Class. As usual the dance will probably be given in the Living Room of the Union, but no date has yet been set.

The president of the Junior Class announced last night the personnel of the 1920 Dance Committee. The officers of the committee are as follows: Chairman, James Otis, of Brookline; secretary, Dexter Clarkson Hawkins, of New York, N. Y.; treasurer, Thomas Hubbard Gammack, of Fitchburg.

The remaining members of the committee are divided into the four subcommittees named below as follows: In vitation Sub-Committee: Henry Brinton Coxe, Jr., of Penllyn, Pa.; Patroness Sub-Committee, John Gardner Coolidge, of Boston; Music Sub-Committee, James Brown Mabon, Jr., of New York, N. Y.; Union and Supper Sub-Committee, Chairman, Fifield Workum, of New York, N. Y.; Christopher La Farge, of New York, N. Y., William Johnson Louderback, Jr., of Highland Park, Ill., William Wallace Rowe, of Cincinnati, O., Edgar Scott, of Lansdowne, Pa., Roger Tuckerman, of Tuxedo, N. Y., Norman Stewart Walker, Jr., of Staten Island, N. Y., Slater Washburn, of Worcester, Norman Hill White, Jr., of Brookline, Robert Byron Williamson, of Augusta, Me., Douglas Hinsdale Worrall, of Philadelphia, Pa.