To the members of the Teaching Staff:

In the collection of the Harvard Endowment Fund there are two objects to be accomplished. Both are of great importance. The first is to get the support of every Harvard graduate, and as many people as possible who are not graduates of Harvard but are interested in her welfare and the work she is doing for this country. The second is to get the money necessary to enable her to do that work properly. It is unnecessary to try to make any comparison of the relative importance of these objects.

"Inspiration in unanimous Action,"

We must, any we believe will, get the money--not all we could use to advantage, but enough to relieve Harvard's most pressing needs. The support of the every Harvard man and of men interested in Harvard is harder to get because it is an intangible thing. It is true that there is no necessary connection between a subscription to the Fund or a failure a to subscription and the sort of support that is really what is wanted. But there is a real inspiration in unanimous action, and while it is perfectly obvious that no member of the Faculty or of the teaching force as a whole should be asked to make any greater sacrifices than he is today making to sever the University, the fact that every one of them gave something, no matter how little, will help to make the Endowment Fund the great contribution to the spirit of the University which it should be.

To Make no Personal Appeal

If, After considering the matter from this point of view, you feel that you can make a subscription to the fund and wish to do so, the Endowment Fund Committee will be very glad to receive any such subscription, and will recognize the sacrifice involved and the spirit in which it is given. If you do not feel that you can make any subscription, the Committee will be entirely satisfied with your own decision, and certainly has no whish to urge you to do anything that you cannot see your way clear to do.

No personal appeal will be made to you and this is the only notice you will receive from its Committee.

Any subscription you may care to make may be made at the Cambridge Trust Company, Cambridge, were subscription blanks may be obtained. ENDOWMENT FUND COMMITTEE.