Whole Boston College was carrying off the laurels at New Haven, with a 5 to 3 victory over the Elis, the University was put to severe test Saturday by the strong Brown team, only winning by a score of 7-0. In the first quarter a march down the field for 80-yards, which swept Brown off their feet, resulted in the only score of the game. An average gain of six yards per play carried the ball from the Crimson 20-yards line through the Brown defense to a touchdown.

Captain W. J. Murray Occ. started the drive by a run-back of the kick-occ of nine yards to the 25-yards line. Then Murray and R. Horween Occ., E. L. Casey Occ., and R. S. Humphery '21 tore through the line, off tackle and around end, for steady gains. Casey slid through right guard 18 yards to the 'visitors' 32-yard mark. Horween followed by a plunge for two. Casey reeled off two more gains of the nine and 15 yards around end, enabling Horween to hurl himself over the line.

After these first fatal minutes the Brown eleven struck its stride. By taking advantage of the breaks they kept the Crimson team from piling up an imposing score, which looked probable because of the ease with which the touchdown was made. A fumble by Coulter, recovered by R. K. Kane '22 on the Brown 32-yard line, looked like a chance for a second score, but a University offside penalty spoiled the attack. Brown rallied and forced R. Horween to try for a field goal; which failed.

Brown Uncorks Dazzling Attack

The attack which the Bruins inaugurated in the second half forced the Crimson players to fight as never before this season. Fox, who replaced Coulter at quarter, drove his team from the Brown 25-yard line to the University's 22-yard mark by a series of bathing criss-cross


and end-around plays, which gained for the Bruins four first downs in succession. Only the fierce tackling of R. M. Sedgwick and A. D. Hamilton stopped the onrush.

The performance of the ends on both sides was brilliant. For Brown, Al-bright played a dashing game at right end, while his mate, William, made the best run of any Bruin, 25 yards, besides making several other considerable gains and preventing a possible University score in the fourth period by a beautiful tackle for loss.

The university ends, J. F. Ryan Occ. and P. D. Steele '21,accounted for many brilliant plays. Ryan caught the three successful forward passes out of eight attempts by the University, stopped several dangerous Brown advances and figured in almost every play. Steele showed himself a worthy substitute for J. K. Desmond at right end by his tackling and interference.

The Game Play by Play.

The University chose to take the affensive in the first quarter. Murray ran back Armstrong's kick-off to his 25-yard mark. Two five-yard gains by Casey and Humphrey were followed by a Bruin off-side penalty. R. Horween and Casey carried the ball to midfield, whence Casey reeled off an 18-yard run to the 32-yard mark. At this point Emery, the heaviest and most powerful Bruin, was hurt, being replaced by Shupert.

A few minutes later Horween plunged through center for two before Casey tore around the left end nine yards to first down. Again Horween drove ahead five before the ball was given to Casey, who reached the two-yard line. Once the Brown line hurled Horween back, but the second plunge carried him over the line. After the punt-out Horween kicked the goal.

Casey ran back the ensuing kick-off 21 yards behind pretty interference. Then Horween punted from his 32-yard line to Coulter on the Brown 32-yard mark, who fumbled. Kane recovered the ball, but was downed immediately. Another Brown penalty carried the ball back five yards. Then Casey sped around left end 18 yards to the 11-yard mark, but was recalled for offside. A forward pass failed, and Casey was nailed on the line of scrimmage, so Horween attempted a field goal, missing the posts by a few feet.

Fox Goes in for Coulter.

Three plays after the kick-off Fox replaced Coulter at quarter for Brown. An exchange of punts gave Murray the ball on his 45-yard line. A run and enemy penalty brought the ball to the 35-yard line, from which Murray sent a forward pass to Ryan, netting nine yards. Again Ryan caught a pass, being downed 11 yards from the goal-line.

Immediately after the opening of the second period Murray was tackled by Brisk for a seven-yard loss. Fox blocked a forward pass to Steele. Horween dropped back to put the pigskin between the uprights, but again failed. Armstrong punted short to Casey on the Brown 46-yard line.

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