Choose Representatives to Council from Memorial and Foxcroft.

The election of members to the Dining Hall Council for 1919-20 will take place tomorrow. Only men who are regularly signed on for board at either Foxcroft or Memorial Hall are allowed to vote.

The council consists of three men from Memorial Hall, three from Foxcroft Hall, and three men appointed by the Corporation, as follows: F. W. Hunnewell '02, Dr. R. I. Lee '02, and Morris Gray '06.

Following is the list of nominees for the Dining Council:- From Memorial Hall, J. D. Chase '22, M. W. Grady 3L, R. H. Greenman Occ., D. C. Hydo 2G, L. S. Levy 3L, H. F. Nehisen 1L, E. F. Rowse 2G, P. E. Schwab 3L, and E. B. Witte '21.

From Foxcroft Hall: S. M. Barg '22, W. Cantor '20, D. Davis 1L, A. Elliot 1L., H. Shen Sp. N. Jaureguy 1L, L. S. Steiner 1L, C. P. Swinnerton '21.

The duties of the council consist of a general supervision and control of the halls and the adjustment of any claims.