In a half-hour scrimmage yesterday the second team scored on a composite University Team B by a drop-kick from the 37-yard line. Roscoe Fitts Unc., who has transferred from Tufts this fall, and is consequentnly ineligible for the University team, was the star of the afternoon. It was due to his brilliant run of nearly 30 yards through the University line that he was able to kick the ball over the cross-bar.

In the entire play the seconds made the best of the breaks. Twice they intercepted forward passes at the critical points in the play. The first was intercepted by H. C. Janin Unc. just in time to prevent Team B from coming dangerously close to the goal line. Ten minutes later a second team back intercepted another and gained five yards toward the opponent's goal. On the succeeding play Fitts broke through for 30 yards, being downed by W. D. Hubbard '22 on Team B's 30-yard line. Fitts then scored on a field goal.

Team B Fails to Score.

Without a kick-off the University rushed the ball from mid-field to the second team seven-yard mark. On fourth down, W. J. Murray Occ. attempted a pass over the line, but overshot the mark.

S. Burnham Occ., who has been out of the game for two weeks, took part in the dummy scrimmage and signal practice. A. D. Hamilton '21 took part in the scrimmage for a very short time, the first time since the Brown game. B. Lockwood '22, who has hitherto played a fine game in the line of the second team, was advanced yesterday to Coach Fisher's red-jerseyed squad.