H. A. A. Publishes Rules Relating to Yale Game Ticket Speculation

Because there have been no games with Yale since 1916, many present members of the University may not be familiar with the rules relating to the transfer of tickets and to speculation with them, and many graduates may have forgotten some of them. The CRIMSON therefore calls attention to the following statement of the Athletic Association:

"Every application blank has on its face the following agreement to be signed by the applicant:

'I agree to occupy personally one of the seats applied for above, or return them to the Association.'

"In the case of undergraduate ushers, ticket takers, members of the football squads and coaches, and in a very few cases where special permission has been given, this agreement is waived. In all other cases it must be strictly complied with. Failure to comply with it may render the applicant ineligible to receive tickets thereafter. Even with this restriction, it is necessary every year to out down to one seat each the allotment of many graduates who have applied for two.

"The rules against speculation in tickets will be enforced with the utmost strictness. Every applicant will be held personally responsible for the tickets allotted to him, and if these tickets are sold or offered for sale at a premium he will be blacklisted. The rules relating to speculation and to personal use of tickets are both equally necessary to secure a fair distribution among those applicants who wish personally to attend the game. Violations of either rule deprive other applicants of their rights, and should be and are liable to the same penalty.

"No applicant should under any circumstances transfer one of his tickets to any person without warning him of the rule against speculation, nor to any person upon whom he cannot thoroughly rely to observe this warning.

"When an applicant finds that he cannot attend the game his tickets may be returned to the Association and the money will be refunded on those received before the day of the game. On those received thereafter, a refund will be made if the tickets can be resold."