The captains of the two elevens which clash in the Stadium today, William James Murray Occ. of Harvard and John Timothy Callahan '19 of Yale, both prepared at Phillips Andover Academy. It is interesting to note that Murray and Callahan played together on the same team in 1913, the Yale man at centre and the University leader at quarterback.

Murray played on the Andover team in 1912, and 1913, and was elected captain in 1913. While at school he also played on the baseball nine for two years.

In the fall of 1913 Murray entered College with the class of 1918. He played on both the Freshman football and baseball teams. During the next two years he was a member of the University squad, winning his "H" in 1916 against Yale. His brilliant running and field generalship assured him a position on the first eleven, but the war broke in on his football career.

He enlisted in the Navy, was commissioned an ensign and assigned to the Santiago, which was sunk on July 19, 1918. On his return to College this fall he was immediately placed at quarterback on the University eleven.

Callahan a Veteran of 1916.


J. T. Callahan, the Yale leader, played on the Andover team in 1913 and 1914. His last year he was captain-elect of the eleven. At college he played on his Freshman team in 1915, and won his "Y" against Harvard on the University team in 1916.

On the outbreak of the war he enlisted in the Navy, and was stationed at Newport, R. L. in 1917 he filled the centre position on the Newport Naval Reserve team. Callahan returned to Yale early this fall.