Reviewer Thinks Reader Gets Money's Worth Even at Thirty-Five Cents Per Copy.

That hardy annual -- the Yale game number of the Lampoon--is with us again, we see. And at an increased cost per copy, too. You can't blame Lampy a bit for that, though. With Yale tickets themselves going from two to two and a-half, it seems as if thirty-five cents is a small jump from a quarter.

Lampy surely is hard on Yale. From the prologue to the Arrow collar ad. on the back page, no quarter is given the Elis except in the sizes of the Arrow collars. It takes our own bi-weekly comic to roast Yale off the gridiron.

There are too many good things in this special number to be adequately diagnosed. Off-hand, we'd say "The Game as Seen by the CRIMSON" and "General Information for Yale Visitors" were the funniest things in the book, but the laugh limit is by no means two. The prologue, too, stands out--not by reason of its prime position, but because it carries (as they say) a punch in every line. You can like the prologue whether or not you care for poetry. In fact the less you care for poetry the more you'll like the prologue. And the same goes for what follows the prologue.

One thing to be noted, along with the fact that the news-stand price is now thirty-five cents, is that Lampy gives more than it used to. The smaller type in which the magazine is set adds to the gross wordage even if it detracts from the former and better appearance of the comic.