An Appreciation.


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To the Editors of the CRIMSON:

As members of the Committee in charge of the Harvard drive for the Roosevelt Fund, we wish to state our appreciation of what practically every member of the University has given or done to help make the drive a success. We are fully aware of how hard it has been for many men to make contributions, and we value the unanimous response to the Committee's canvass for funds all the more for that.

We want especially to thank the members of the three teams of canvassers for their loyalty and hard work during the past week, and we feel that the gratitude of the whole University is due them. The work they did was truly work for Harvard, in that they made possible her giving to the nation a generous contribution toward its effort to honor and to keep alive the spirit and services of Roosevelt. We feel that for every fifty cents or dollar contributed by a Harvard student a little more will be known about that spirit and those services in time to come. JAMES G. KING, JR., '20,   HUGH C. WARD '20,   F. U. PERRY. '21,   R. E. LABSEN '21.