Crews A, B, and C of the University squad, and two Freshman crews to be formed later on, are the only ones that will continue rowing now that the regatta is finished. The 1923 eights will be selected by Coach Haines as soon as possible after today's race between the first dormitory crews which will take place at 3.45, and will decide the Freshman championship.

This afternoon at 4.30 there will also be held the informal class races between eights formed from the club crews which have stopped rowing. A graduate crew will also be entered in these races.

Informal Meeting of University Squad

After yesterday's rowing there was an informal meeting of the University squad to discuss the races of the past week. P. Withington '09, Dr. R. H. Howe, and Coach Haines went over Friday's race between the University crews and debated as to the best type of stroke for College rowing. As the result of a competition which has been running since the start of the year, H. W. Howe '23 has been appointed manager of the winning dormitory crew.

It has also been announced that all Freshmen who have been rowing under the compulsory physical training system, and who are now having a two weeks' rest, must report at the office of the Physical Director in Weld 3 before Saturday to be assigned to regular physical training sections.

Line-up for 1923 Race.

The line-up of the Freshman crews that meet this afternoon are as follows:

Gore Hall 1: Stroke, Ohl; 7, Rathbone; 6, Westengard; 5, Collier; 4, Garland; 3, Tucker; 2, Forbes; bow, Habicht; cox., Reedy.

Standish Hall 1: Stroke, Morgan; 7, Norton; 6, Downs; 5, Shapiro; 4, Wister; 3, Hanson; 2, Brander; bow, Wiggles-worth; cox., Lanman.

Smith, Halls 1: Stroke, Wood; 7, Fahnestock; 6, Burgess; 5, Bradford; 4, Mendoza; 3, Hodges; 2, Williams; bow, Goddard; cox., Badger.