Coach Withington Analyzes Mistakes Made in Andover Game.

Much handicapped by the number of men who have been badly injured lately, Coach Withington '09 of the Freshman eleven faces a difficult problem in preparing a team to meet the Princeton yearlings next Saturday. It is still too early to say how long most of these men will be out, but it is doubtful if any of them will be allowed to play against Princeton.

W. H. Churchill and G. Owen have returned to the line-up, but their return is more than offset by the squad's recent losses. P. B. Kunhardt and L. De Jonge, both of whom received thigh injuries last Saturday, are out of the game for an indefinite period. V. Chapin and R. Martin, who were hurt earlier in the season, are also still on the sidelines.

Yesterday's practice was light, consisting mostly of signal drill and a little forward passing: Coach Withington analyzed Saturday's game with the team and went over the eleven's mistakes.