Former President of Dramatic Club to Take Charge of Rehearsals.

James W. D. Seymour '17 has been secured as coach for the Dramatic Club's production of Holberg's "Erasmus Montanus" and Lord Dunsany's comedy, "Fame and the Poet," and will enter upon his duties here immediately. Mr. Seymour was president of the Dramatic Club in the 1916-1917 season, when he played the part of Nelson Marns in the "Mission of the Damned."

Since his graduation Mr. Seymour has been actively engaged in dramatic work; besides other ventures, he has been actively connected with the 47 Workshop. The production last winter of his play, "The Trespass," met with considerable success in Baltimore.

During the war Mr. Seymour saw active service with the American Field Service, first when it was attached to the French Army, and later when it was taken over by the American forces, with whom he served as first-lieutenant. While serving as a chief of section he received the Croix de Guerre for gallantry in action. Since his return to this country he has been engaged in preparing for publication a history of the American Field Service in France.