O'Connell and Goodwin Return to Squad in Time to Race Elis at New Haven.

Coach Eddie Farrell announced yesterday the names of the ten cross-country men who will go to New Haven next Saturday to represent the University in the annual hill and dale event with Yale. The team is the same as that sent to Syracuse except for the addition of H. G. Crosby '22, D. F. O'Connell '21, and W. H. Goodwin '20.

Goodwin and O'Connell were prevented from running in the Syracuse race because of injuries, and have only recently rejoined the squad. Crosby's addition to the team is due to the improvement he has shown during the fall. The other seven men who will race with Yale are as follows: B. Lewis '20, F. G. Bemis '22, T. G. Ames '20, J. E. Nally '21, A. W. Douglas '21, S. Harris '20, and G. F. Wason '20.

The first ten men to finish for the yearlings against the M. I. T. team last Saturday will have an opportunity to win their "1923" in the race against Yale at New Haven next Saturday. They are as follows: J. G. Winchester, H. L. Pratt, Jr., R. A. Lutz, W. C. Bennett, L. de Zerega, S. L. Tait, W. D. Robinson, R. N. Bryan, B. D. Howard, and P. R. Brown.